Welcome to Realistic Tattoos by Ettore Bechis If you are here it is because you are interested in tattoos.  Perhaps you found me right away, or maybe you've even spent a lot of your free time surfing the internet before you come across this website. Well, I have good news, you found the right place to get inspiration for your tattoo and maybe even your new tattoo artist. Have you ever heard of Realism Tattoos? Tattoo realism is a different process from the traditional way of tattooing. It is a more time consuming and difficult skill to achieve due to the different types of shadows, highlights and effects that make up a more realistic piece as opposed to the typical illustrations or frameworks that only an illustrator is able to create. Tattoo realism may be created in color or black and white depending on your needs. Can you imagine how a realistic styled butterfly would look on your shoulder? The sight of the tattoo would give off the impression that the butterfly is ready to take flight at any moment. This is the effect the tattoo must give in order for it to be a true realistic tattoo. Try to imagine a glamorous geisha on your arm that has been done with realistic form. The geisha will appear with a firm but sensual expression with a thousand shades. Add in a surrounding cherry blossom background and the tattoo will look  as if you can touch it. The usual geisha in traditional tattoo form will appear to have flat tones and a lack of three dimensional shading.  This is the genre of realistic tattoos!   When you experience a tattoo that has been done in realism, you will feel so passionate about the style to the point that you will never want to go back. That's what happened to my friend Ivan. I met Ivan and his wife at Tattoolapalooza in July 2007, which is a tattoo convention that is held in Miami annually.  (I was presented as a tattoo artist at the booth of Salvation Tattoo Lounge) Ivan wanted a tattoo to represent the horror genre. I designed a Werewolf and castle complete with a vampire, and bats as a backdrop with a beautiful full moon. Ivan wanted everything on the calf which makes for a larger surface to work. It certainly was not an easy job for any tattoo artist! After so much wandering through the convention, we met and spoke about his design idea and I agreed to design him a draft of the tattoo. We fixed an appointment for the next day, and I took all afternoon to prepare the design, but I managed to keep it all in the proper proportions.  When he returned the next day he was thrilled!  It began and ended the day around the tattoo.  At the end we were both destroyed, seven hours of work all in one sitting because the next day he and his wife had to leave by dawn.  We said goodbye, but forgot to exchange addresses. After two years of opening the mail I finally got mail from Ivan, who wanted another tattoo.  I never understood exactly how, but thanks to the internet he found me! Ivan is a lawyer in Amsterdam and drove eleven hours to come and get tattooed in Cantù (Italy) and another 11 to get home.  He took the time of going on holiday leave in Miami to see me as a guest of the Salvation Tattoo Lounge in South Beach as a tattoo artist, and to get a new tattoo with his wife. I am sure that you understand why I say that when you find your style and your tattoo artist, then you never go back, because no matter how many miles you have to go or how long you have to wait a tattoo is forever.  Now it's time to take a tour of the website of Realisitic Tattoos, because as someone said "A picture is worth a thousand words."
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